Frequently Asked Questions About Roller Skatez:

1. What is usual Custom Skates delivery time?

Once your order selection is complete the typical production time including delivery is 2 weeks.

2. How can I ensure the skates are my correct size and fit?

You will order your roller skate sizing based on your shoe size for accurate fitting.

3. Do these Roller Skates come with Insurance?

Yes; Summer Tyme Skatez come with warranty for reasonable damage or designer imperfection. In regards to reasonable damage the skatez will be assessed for evaluation. If damages are not covered by insurance the unreasonable damages will be evaluated for pricing.

4. Can I pick my roller skates up or must they be delivered?

If you are local to us in the South Florida area you can complete sizing and pick-up at our partner location in South Beach Miami, Florida:

U Rock Couture located at: 928 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Fl 33139

5. Can I rush my order?

It is possible to process a rushed order, but that is if you are in our local area.

For more QUESTIONS please email our customer service department at

summerzfashion@gmail.com with your subject as Customer Service.

6. What type of crystals are used?


All of our products are perfected with Authentic Swarovski Australian Crystals. Swarovski crystals are considered to be the worlds finest, precision cut crystals with the highest quality of shine closest to actual diamonds.