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Summerz Fashion

Motto: I skate, they look, their eyes, I took.


Hand-Crafted products, impeccably, and elegantly designed with thousands of the Finest Swarovski Crystals, individually placed and customized to each order. All of our items are perfectly engineered to both bedazzle and provide style to your usual fashions with an elegant touch of luxury. 


About the founder:

Houston had a problem, but Miami has an even bigger one! Summer began as obsessively passionate about delivering top quality products to her fellow skate junkies by creating completely covered Swarovski Crystal Roller Skates. After not being able to see much creativity in her beloved hobby of skating roller boots, She dreamt that she would contribute towards reinventing how the world see’s skates today. As Summer Tyme Skatez, Summerz Fashion quickly began with rapid popularity we soon after expanded into High-Fashion Sunglasses, Bikinis elegantly perfected with Swarovski Crystals and then going deeper into your wardrobe we have began to add value with many items now available for men and women. Recently our designers have created a high fashion line of Luxury unisex t-shirts, Men's Swim shorts, Robes, Dresses, Men's Dress Shirts, Ski Mask, Leggings and we don't plan on stopping there. Be sure to engage with all of our social platforms to see what we have coming next. 

That is exactly what Summerz Fashion is all about and we are excited to be able to assist in sprucing up your wardrobe. With the exquisite designs and handcrafted dapper elegance provided by Summerz Fashion you will feel the vibe and attention to detail that is put into every item we create.

What have we created:

These products are designed to highlight the individual that wears them, and captivate the audience that see’s them. Summerz Fashion collections are unique, bold, and most importantly, tailored to meet each of our customers personality. Our specially crafted roller skates are what glass slippers were to Cinderella. The fanatic dedication to this craft specifically ensures that every crystal is placed just right. Thousands of carefully selected crystals certainly cannot be rushed. Fortunately, each finished product is not only designed with you in mind, but also well worth the wait!


Our products are blended seamlessly with both utility and design. One has not been compromised for the other. These products are durable, built to last and polished to perfection.

Be the first to take the eyes of the onlookers they are sure to attract!


Admired by your Favorite Celebrities!

Joseline Hernandez   @joseline  

DJ Michelle Pooch   @djmichellepooch

Slim Stunna - Stunt Lifestyle TV   @thestuntlifestyle

Nino Brown  @Ninobrown305

Ashanti     @Ashanti

and many more. 


Join us in shining on the outside, the same way you shine on the inside!