Summerz Fashion Arrives At The Metaverse Metallic Fashion Show courtesy Of Urock Couture!

In recent events, Summerz Fashion was trending at the rooftop Metaverse Crypto Metallic Fashion Show courtesy Of Urock Couture!

This event was such a great experience which featured many of our newest and best selling collections such as the Sunshine Valiant Sunglasses, Silver Mavens, Ocean Mavens. The vibe was so Wynwood at the new hotel Arlo, which was the perfect ambiance to set the mood. This night was fulfilled with flashing Miami lights and cameras everywhere to capture every moment of shine.

As part of the grand finale our CEO, Summer walked the runway with Urock Couture! What an amazing Miami nightlife celebration that brought out some amazing influencers and friends like @thestuntlifestle, @theklaralima and more.

We're really looking forward to the next fashion show and you should be excited too because as a fan you are always invited to come join us at the next one. Until then we wish you all the best and may you continue to shine bright and be the light for yourself and everyone around you!

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